And so it begins.

Central Oregon, the high desert, home of exciting outdoor adventures including skiing, world class fly fishing, first class bird hunting and, drum roll please, home to the central Oregon chapter of NAVHDA.

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, or NAVHDA for people in the know 😉 is an non-profit organization focused on fostering, improving, promoting, and protecting the versatile hunting dog in North America (

What does that even mean?!  I take it to mean that human hunters will love their pups and not be cruel to them, will teach them the correct ways to “work”, and will breed pups responsibly.

As members of the central Oregon chapter of NAVHDA, we share the same ideas. We want to assist with training ( or at least spin around blindly and point you in the general direction of someone that can help; hey, they never said humans were excellent pointing bipeds-thus the need for maps ), we want members to share what they know with others ( got any training tricks for water work or force fetching, etc. ).  As a chapter, we want our members to get together to make some memories and have fun, and maybe learn some things along the way!

Throughout the year, in addition to training and testing weekends, we will be having activities and get togethers, including a chainsaw weekend ( which, is basically us getting a training/testing site cleaned up, but if you love running a chainsaw, this is for you! ) and a gunner competition, open to members and non-members.  Think you got some game when it comes to shooting moving targets out of the sky? Come show us!

Have any pictures, funny stories, or other info you would like to share?  Email them to the chapter secretary at

Until next time.

#adventurecalls #oristhatnaturecalling

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