Spring Training offer at Sage Canyon

Sage Canyon, where we have held tests in the past, is offering a few Spring specials on guided hunts and dog training, please see details below:

It’s Spring Break time and we have lots of birds to hunt before March 31st! It’s been a long winter and to welcome warmer weather we are offering FREE guided hunts with the purchase of 40 roosters.
Also, we are offering dog training until April 18th. So if your dog needs some work and exercise, come see us. They will love our Bakeoven dog paradise.
See you soon!
Spring Specials
Midweek Special
20 Roosters
$600 (Save $100)
FREE Guided Hunts
With the purchase of 40 Roosters
Available March 27th – 31st
Dog Training
$50 access fee for first person
$25 each additional person (helpers, watchers, shooters, etc)
Birds are sold in groups of 5 for $100
Download the permit for hunting dog training HERE
Call 1-800-538-7238
to book your hunt or dog training session!

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