Training and Seminars

Upcoming Training Days: June 1st, 2019 0800hrs
Please note that all training birds purchased for training day must me picked up at the specified training locations.

Training Day – Bird Packages

  • You will need to purchase a NA or UT training package from the online store.  This will serve as your RSVP.  (If you would like to purchase birds via cash/check please respond to this email and let us know).

Link to order birds:
Training Bird Packages

  • For those running NA you will need to buy the NA training package on the site, which consists of three chukar for field work and one pheasant for tracking, the cost is $55.  You may take the pheasant home with you if you wish (bring a crate/box for transport).
  • For those training Utility you will need to buy the UT training package on the site, which consists of three chukar for your dogs’ field work.  We have no ducks at this time.

Details & Directions

While attending the training day please plan to help others train as well as your own pup, additionally, if you don’t have a dog to train, but want to come out to watch, and/or help come on out, we can always use the help.

Remember training days are a rain or shine event. We will plan on starting at 8:00am.  Below is a list of items you should consider bringing.

– A chair
– A whistle
– A crate, or stakeout for your dog
– A lead for your dog
– A check cord
– Some rain gear
– A towel to dry off your dog for the trip home if needed
– Water/drinks for you
– Water and a bowl for your dog (additionally a bottle for watering your dog in the field, This is important once the weather starts warming up.)
– Sunscreen

If there are any questions feel free to call or email Director of Training Bryan McGrath or President Eric Wilson.

Eric ph: 503-706-5305


Bryan ph: 801-319-5022



***Directions to Elliot Property***
Location: From Hwy 97 turn east onto Jericho Ln. Follow to stop sign at SW Irving Ln. Turn right on SW Irving Ln. This road turns into dirt at the Y intersection stay left, this turns into Imbler Ln follow to T intersection. At T turn right onto SE Jasper Rd. In about one mile on the left is a pump house. That’s the parking area for the day.
Please click the coordinates below for GPS directions: